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Welcome to my Internet web site

I am interested in the keeping, breeding and much more about Scorpions and Tarantula spiders, so I stated this web site so that I could come into contact with other people that have the same kind of hobby that I have. I have been in this hobby now since 1998. My main interest in tarantula spiders is for the genus Poecilotheria, and for scorpions my interest mainly lies with species of Buthidae and European species of scorpion.

 I will for the time being just describe the arachnids in a quite a general way but with more special attention on tarantulas and scorpions. I have for some time still another hobby which lies in connection with the other one, that being photography. I like photograph the animals and I would like to create a beautiful gallery with many different species. I hope through this site to come into many contacts with other people with the same hobby like me. Of course this site will not remain always in such a way, as soon as I get the time I will add up regular new stuff, extend and also improve more of the site.

 I also want to use this site to sell my off-springs to help me to cover my costs a little bit. What I have for sell will be on the bulletin-board and I’m also interested in swapping or trading if the offer is in my interested or use for me. 

If there is anybody who can give me some more advice on how to make thinks better or differently I would welcome to hear from you. I would also will be happy if somebody can send me some materials like photos and articles that I can use on this web site.


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