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Arachnids belong to the invertebrate animals, and are referred to by  experts also as arthropods. They belong to the group of animals with the most diverse and numerous species on this planet with well over a million species.The name “invertebrate” means that these animals don’t have any internal bones, instead they have a outside skeleton which in made of chitin. Because this outside skeleton can’t increase in size when the animal grows, it means that in order to grow the animal must shed its outside skeleton regularly.  With this process the old skin stripes off and a new skin is grown underneath ready to replace the old one once it is shed. The new skin is for the couple first days very soft and stretchy. After few day the new skin will hardened up to replace the old skin.Animals that belong top the arthropod family are among other things like tarantulas, insects, horned-crabs and centipedes and millipedes.

This site is there to give a short view about spiders and scorpions. First of all I will give only a small introduction about the animals because I think there are already enough more detailed information that can be found on different web-sites about the topic. If however anyone still has a question or something similar about my site or these animals, I am available at any time by email.

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