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Stock list

Here are the species I keep at the moment. They are not for sale as long they aren't mentioned at the offerlist.


Chilobrachys andersoni
Chilobrachys dyscolus
Chilobrachys fimbriatus
Chilobrachys jinghzao

Cyriopagopus schiodtei

Haplopelma hainanum
Haplopelma huwenum
Haplopelma lividum
Haplopelma minax
Haplopelma schmidti
Haplopelma vonwirthi

Lampropelma spec. "Borneo"
Lampropelma vialoceopes

Orphnaecus spec. "Negros"

Poecilotheria fasciata
Poecilotheria metallica
Poecilotheria miranda
Poecilotheria ornata
Poecilotheria pederseni
Poecilotheria regalis
Poecilotheria rufilata
Poecilotheria smithi
Poecilotheria striata
Poecilotheria subfusca
Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli

Selenocosmia arndsti

Thrigmopoeus truculentus

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